Our Partners

Splits proudly powers teams of all shapes and sizes
"We collaborate with a lot of artists and they collaborate with each other," says engineer Ryley Ohlsen. Splits makes it easy for Art Blocks to distribute revenue to everyone involved, from the artists to the platform itself.
Coop Records brings music onchain and monetizes through free mints on L2s. With the Splits functionality built into Sound.xyz, Coop Records shares revenue directly with the artists.
Artists use Titles to train an AI model based on their work. Anyone can prompt that model to create NFTs in the artist's style. The artist gets a cut of sales revenue (distributed via Splits) whenever someone mints an NFT made with their model.
Using Splits, Zora has made it easier than ever for artists to split earnings with collaborators. Artists can deploy their own Split contracts while either creating or editing an NFT edition right from within Zora.
How fxhash uses Splits to send Ethereum fees and royalties where they're supposed to go.
Splits was perfect in that we could just use these existing contracts off the shelf that were really performant and did exactly what we needed.
Trent Van Epps
Ethereum Protocol Consigliere
The beauty of crypto-funded music is that you're in complete control of your distribution and can be creative with it. We make it happen with Splits.
Matthew Chaim
Any piece of technology, we think, should feel magical, and Splits does feel that way...it's really just a seamless procedure to use.
Marco Peyfuss
MOROS NET is a DAO that aims to empower programmers, digital pioneers, tech educators, and hackers by providing grants & funds to build open-source artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, network and privacy technology.
Metalabel is establishing new ways for creative people to release work together and support one another. In this piece, we’ll explore why Metalabel exists and how it takes advantage of off-the-shelf primitives (like Splits) to operate in a completely new design space.
We trust Splits to handle the entire payment flow so that we can focus on what we do best—building the best product for artists and collectors.
David Greenstein
AirSwap uses a DAO-controlled Split to transparently and trustlessly route protocol fees to contributors.
Collaboration is a core part of our identity and Splits makes it effortless to compensate each artist for their contribution with a single payout address.
Cam Murdoch
Splits supplants all traditional fintech products and allows us to run our international business on the blockchain.
Product Lead
When 1stDibs, a leading marketplace for extraordinary design, launched their own NFT platform, they integrated Splits to let creators share funds between collaborators, curators, charities, and more.