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Heds lets curators monetize their mixtapes using Splits

Nov 17, 2022
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Cam Murdoch is the Founder and CEO of heds. heds is an open web3 collective that encourages collaboration via our monthly mixtape series, in which a curated artist contributes a piece of art for the community to remix. heds artists are constantly pushing boundaries in the fields of collective creativity, artistic exhibition, and community-based governance.

What problem does heds use Splits to solve?

Splits is utilized by us to divide the revenue generated from primary and secondary hedsTAPE sales automatically. Collaboration is a core part of our identity and Splits makes it effortless to compensate each artist for their contribution with a single payout address.

How has heds integrated Splits?

We integrate Splits during the last phase of our monthly tape cycle. The final 10 artists, chosen by the community and the curated artist, are added to a Split which is used as the payout address for the mix.

How has your experience been so far?

Splits has proven to be a smart choice for us. The integration process was smooth and our artists have greatly benefitted from the simplicity of being paid out as a collaborator. We plan to integrate Splits further throughout the year via their SDK.

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