Splits makes onchain payments easy.

Splits is a set of simple, modular smart contracts for safe and efficient onchain payments. You can split revenue from NFT sales, recoup expenses, diversify an income stream, withhold taxes, and much more.

Combined with an intuitive web app and an open source SDK, the Splits ecosystem is the trusted payment solution for forward-looking teams.

Protocol Guild
Transient Labs
Coop Records Music

Splits is building essential economic piping for the internet, as well as extremely creative logic for how to use that piping most effectively. Getting to work directly with the Splits team - and jam on how we can use this piping to make artists' careers and lives better - has been incredibly fun and inspiring.

Matthew Chaim


The non-custodial protocol is open source and decentralized, with no owner, upgradability, or special privileges.

Free to use – zero protocol fees
Non-upgradable contracts
Deployed on all major EVM chains
Supports ETH & ERC20s
Modular & gas efficient
Operates entirely onchain
Effortlessly send each participant their share of earnings.
Automate tax withholdings by diversifying into stables before tokens hit your wallet.
Repay one group a set amount before splitting profits with another.
An intuitive web app makes interacting with the contracts a breeze.
Designed for developers.
The open source SDK makes integration easy. Read from the subgraph, batch transactions together into a single multicall, create custom payment flows for your users.
Receive the token you want, no matter what you're sent.
Swapper permissionlessly swaps all ETH and ERC20s it receives into a predefined output token of your choice.