Payment infrastructure
for the crypto economy
0xSplits is the decentralized protocol for secure & efficient onchain payments. From public companies to independent artists & collectives, forward-thinking teams use 0xSplits to build custom payment flows.
Designed for developers
An intuitive SDK makes integration a breeze
The open source SDK makes it easy build apps on top of the protocol. Read from the subgraph and batch transactions together into a single multicall to create custom payment flows for your users.

  const { createSplit } = useCreateSplit()

  const args = {
    recipients: [
        address: "0x442C01498ED8205bFD9aaB6B8cc5C810Ed070C8f";
        percentAllocation: 50.0000
        address: "0xc3313847E2c4A506893999f9d53d07cDa961a675";
        percentAllocation: 50.0000
    distributorFeePercent: 1.0000
    controller: "0xEc8Bfc8637247cEe680444BA1E25fA5e151Ba342"

  await createSplit(args)
Set it & forget it
Permanent infrastructure you can rely on
No protocol fees whatsoever—runs exactly at gas cost
Non-upgradable contracts run as long as Ethereum exists
Deployed on Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum + EVM chains
Open source
All contracts are publicly available on Github
Each Split has a payable address to receive ETH & ERC20 tokens
Batched operations maximize gas efficiency at every step
Bots & 3rd parties perform the repetitive tasks
No 3rd party APIs or external dependencies
Distribution costs are shared so small recipients aren't screwed