Jun 23, 2023

Songcamp is rethinking how music is created and released on the internet

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Abram Dawson
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Russell Matthews leads the economics team at Songcamp. Songcamp brought to life Chaos, a headless band comprising 80 musicians, visual artists, engineers, writers, operatives + more. Over six weeks, Chaos released 21,000 music NFTs – each containing one of the 45 distinct songs plus a 1-of-a-kind cover artwork.

What problem does Chaos use Splits to solve?

In the music industry, revenue distribution has been opaque at best, and outright predatory at worst. Using Splits as our financial infrastructure has provided every participant absolute clarity surrounding their payments, with an ease of use that far surpasses the lengthy traditional finance process that would otherwise be our only option.

How has Chaos integrated Splits?

At Songcamp we’ve experimented with novel ways of musically collaborating en masse, integrating our split as the final destination for project proceeds. Splits allows each collaborator to individually manage the timing of when they get paid for both Songcamp projects, and any other personal projects that make use of Splits.

How has your experience been so far?

Our experience with both the Splits protocol, and the team working to expand its functionality, has been incredible. We’ve thrown previously non-existent use cases at the Splits team, and by adding ‘modules’ that layer onto the Splits protocol, they were able to support our technically challenging ideas!