Thursday December 21, 2023
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Search improvements

We've significantly enhanced the app's search functionality, making it easier to find and discover accounts. As you type, search results now instantly appear, matching both names and tags.

Results show up as you type

You can also link directly to search results, as demonstrated here. You're still able to paste in an address or enter an ENS and navigate directly to that page.

Weekly email summaries

Our weekly email summaries have been revamped for clarity. You'll now clearly see "Last week's earnings" and "Last week's withdrawals" for each account you monitor, in addition to the individual events that contributed to those earnings & withdrawals.

Swapper and Diversifier on L2s

Following the audit of a new Chainlink Oracle, we've deployed the Swapper and Diversifier contracts on L2s, including Base, Optimism, and Polygon.

Support for these contracts in our app is in progress and will be available soon.

Other fixes & improvements

  • We've created shareable images (og:image) for all accounts within the Splits ecosystem. Now, when you share an account on platforms like Twitter, Discord, iMessage, etc., you'll see more detailed information about the account.
  • Similar shareable images have also been created for other parts of the system, including docs, statements, etc.
  • The contracts have been deployed to the Sepolia and Holesky testnets. All deployment addresses are available in the docs.
  • We resolved a UI bug that caused a "no chain provided" error. A big thank you to those who reported this issue!
  • We enhanced earning statements by adding collapsible headers, displaying token totals (not just dollar amounts), and omitting transactions with zero value.
  • We fixed a UI issue regarding text wrapping in the Swapper/Diversifier earnings section.
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