Thursday December 07, 2023
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New feature: Earnings statements

Earnings statements allow you to easily answer the question, "How much did I earn from all my projects in the past month/quarter/year?" Once you're logged in, simply set the start and end dates, select a network, and choose a wallet (EOA or multisig) to generate the statement.

Just enter the dates, a wallet, and a network to create a statement

Once your statement is created, you can share it by downloading a CSV or getting a shareable link.

Share your statement via CSV or shareable link

Here's an example of a Q4 2023 earnings statement for 0xsplits.eth.

Statements include any names and tags you've added to the contracts, making it easy for people who haven't used Splits before to see at a glance exactly how much they've earned.

Naming API endpoint

We've released an API endpoint that allows third-party apps to add public names to contracts in Splits. This is helpful for platforms that have integrated Splits and want their users to understand what projects are contributing to their income (vs just seeing the hex addresses in the app).

If you're a developer interested in using this, please reach out to us at support at splits dot org.

Other fixes & improvements

  • We wrapped up an audit on the Chainlink Oracle implementation, which allows us to deploy Swapper on L2s—more on this soon.
  • We added L2 support for the automation bot/client.
  • We fixed a bug that allowed people to submit a withdraw transaction with a wallet that's connected to a different network than the app.
  • We fixed a UI issue with displaying accounts' upstream contracts.
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