Monday September 18, 2023
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Organize your Splits by adding names

Humans aren't equipped to understand hexadecimal addresses. Similar to IP addresses, these hexadecimal addresses are designed for machines. Yet, the standard in most onchain applications today, including ours, is to display these complex addresses to people. While ENS has significantly improved this situation, it remains challenging, if not impossible, to set an ENS for a smart contract such as a Split.

So today we're releasing Named Splits - a way for you to replace the hexadecimal address with a human readable name in our app.

Logged-in users can add a name, which can be either public or private. Public names are visible to all users (after review by our team), while private names are only visible to the user who created it.

Add a name by clicking the pencil icon on hover

Public names are great for things like NFT projects, protocol fees, shelling points, and anything public facing. Private names, on the other hand, are useful when readability and organization are desired but visibility isn't.

Readability of the app is important since Splits is powering a new class of businesses that are emerging onchain. To date, Splits has distributed over $40 million to nearly 10,000 unique creators, makers, artists, and developers across 11 different chains.

And as more businesses of increasing complexity are powered by Splits, more people need to understand where funds are coming and going. Naming Splits makes the app far more legible and human readable.

The introduction of named Splits is just the beginning of an entirely new app experience we're building. We're doubling down on the inherently social nature of Splits by making tracking and reporting on earnings across wallets, networks, and teams considerably easier.

We want to hear your feedback—the good and bad—so please don't hesitate to reach out and let us know what you think!

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