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Dec 06, 2023

Tags, tags, tags!

Shortly after launching names the other week, we noticed many folks would follow a specific naming convention. They'd add names like "Nathaniel x Sasha [ArtBlocks] [Primary]" or "Heavy Calm (Songcamp Sessions)". And they'd use the same "tags" across several of the names they added.

So today we're launching Tags - a way for you to easily organize and filter your wallets and contracts within Splits.

To get started with tags, just navigate to your Settings page and create whatever tags you'd like.

Add tags from your account settings page

Then, when viewing a list of accounts just hit the 3 dots menu and select "Add tags".

Add tags to any account within the app

You can also add tags from the account detail page, by clicking the tag icon in the header.

Add or edit tags from the account detail page

Once you've added tags to accounts, you can filter by those in your dashboard. We'll be adding more robust filtering options soon.

Filter by tags in your dashboard

As part of this update, we deprecated the bookmarks feature. If you were using bookmarks, we automatically created a tag for you called "Bookmarks", so you don't lose track of any accounts you'd bookmarked. That said, if you were primarily using bookmarks just to name accounts, you can delete the "Bookmarks" tag from your settings since names were migrated to the names feature already.

Withdraw undistributed balances

The other big feature we're launching is the ability to withdraw from all the Splits you earn from at once, even if some of those Splits have balances that have not been distributed.

To do this, just hit the withdraw button from the dashboard and select balances to withdraw as you normally would. You'll notice some of the balances have a Split name next to them - those balances are still sitting in the Split. So when you withdraw those balances, you will also be distributing that balance in the Split (so the other recipients don't have to!) before withdrawing.

Balances that are sitting in a Split will show the Split name/address and your share

We've also added a "estimated gas" cost feature, so you can easily see how much it will cost to withdraw all these balances at once (since withdrawing undistributed balances will increase the gas).

Other fixes and improvements

  • You can now add names to contracts while you're creating them (if you're signed in with email). We saw many folks naming contracts immediately upon creating them, so we made this flow easier for you.
  • We finalized our migration from to This means the app, docs, website, etc all now exist at our new website (and visiting the old website will redirect you to the new one).
  • We shipped a bunch of performance updates, making app and account detail page load times much faster.
  • We added pagination to the contracts table.
  • We fixed a bug in the transactions table pagination logic, where it would sometimes reset to the first page.
  • Diversifiers will now be automatically distributed once it's economically viable to do so.

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