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Oct 30, 2023

Automation upgrades

Most of our engineering effort this past cycle went towards automating funds flowing through the system. We added automation support for Waterfalls and Recoups that are upstream of incentivized Splits or Swappers. This means that if a Waterfall or Recoup points to a Split or Swapper, all of the contracts in the payment flow will be automatically distributed (assuming it's economically viable to do so). Here is an example of a Waterfall that points to an incentivized Split that's benefiting from this upgrade.

We also expanded automation support to other ERC20 tokens including USDC, USDT, DAI, and WBTC. Previously, the automation layer only handled ETH and WETH.

Other fixes & improvements

  • Waterfalls, Recoups, Swappers, and Diversifiers all now show up on the Explore view under the "existing contracts" section.
  • We upgraded both the app and SDK to use Viem, improving performance and composability.
  • We simplified the process of adding names and tags to your contracts by combining two steps into one. Just click the pencil icon and add a name and tags in the same flow.
  • We fixed a bug where Rabby wallet users were unable to connect to the app.
  • We added the ability to name contracts during the creation flow (previously you could only add a name retroactively, after the contract was deployed).
  • We improved the flow for automating distributions on other networks (ie not mainnet) and now use more sensible default distribution thresholds on other networks since gas needs vary by network.
  • We deployed the contracts on Holesky (note: we did not add app support for Holesky, so let us know if you need it and we'll add it).
  • We fixed a bug related to network switching and page loads.

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