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Happy birthday Splits

Feb 15, 2024
Picture of Abram Dawson
Abram Dawson

Splits launched two years ago today πŸŽ‰

Splits started as an experiment, one that promptly surprised us by going viral at ETHDenver 2022. Evidently the Ethereum community truly needed this tool β€” and others like it.

We create internet-native payment infrastructure. Participants run the gamut from established corporations to cypherpunk collectives to playful one-off collabs. Everybody involved benefits from robust technology for handling internet-native revenue β€”Β for structuring how their funds flow.

If Ethereum is the fruitful soil of this big garden, then Splits is building trellises to support each plant that reaches for the sun. Our mission is to put you in control of your earnings, efficiently and transparently.

We believe in a world without gatekeepers, where nothing comes between you and your money. You should be able to choose how your funds are received, stored, and spent. There should be no hassle or headache in making those decisions a reality.

To that end, Splits provides simple money legos, intuitive interfaces, and reliable developer tools that make it easy to receive, route, transform, and manage earnings across the internet. Our technology, your autonomy.


During our second year of existence, the number of Splits deployed grew from 2k to 11k, an increase of 450%. Cumulative throughput volume reached $70 million. And we've now shipped over 100 improvements to our SDK!

Although Ethereum remains our home, Splits supports seven additional mainnets: Base, Zora, Gnosis, Avalanche, Fantom, Aurora, and BSC.

Splits is best known for our namesake product, which automates the dispersal of incoming ETH/ERC20s. But that's not the only tool we've created:

  • Swapper lets you convert payments into the output token of your choice, using our Oracle. Two implementations are available, based on Uniswap or Chainlink.
  • Diversifier, powered by our Pass-Through Wallet contract, automatically splits and swaps an income stream into multiple tokens.
  • Waterfall allows sequential payment to multiple parties.

All of our contracts are public goods: free to use (aside from gas), and deployed onchain, thus permanently accessible.

In addition, we debuted SplitsKit, a React component library for third-party devs, so integrating Splits is a convenient experience.

We made major improvements to the web app, including names/tags, email notifications, and earning statements.

Along the way we published 100 changelogs communicating these updates to Splits users, and, of course, documented our software.


It's a pleasure to work with cutting-edge teams at the forefront of onchain culture, such as the fine folks at Zora and fxhash. Nothing could be more validating than helping to simplify the lives of engineering teams we respect, as they pursue visions of the internet's future that dovetail with ours.

Likewise, we were delighted and honored to receive a grant from Optimism's RetroPGF (retroactive public goods funding) program.

We're also excited that DAOs like Airswap and MOROS NET have adopted Swapper to improve treasury management.

Splits really solved a major pain point for us; we were able to route our DAO token tax directly to our treasury multi-sig, collaborators, marketing partners, and grant recipients through the Split contract. The degree of automation freed up a ton of time and energy we previously spent on manual payments and record tracking. [...] We're able to devote more energy into what truly matters: supporting and empowering developers to innovate for a more digital, decentralized future. β€” MOROS NET

Amen to that.

We're grateful for all the support and feedback we've received over the past two years. We can't wait to show you everything that's coming in 2024.

Here's to another two years of Splits, and many more beyond!

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