Friday March 29, 2024
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Multichain app

Earlier this week, we launched our multichain app. This is a big upgrade to the app since you can now access your Splits, balances, and activity across all the chains in a single view. Gone are the days of manually switching between chains to see your activity.

View activity on all chains, or filter events by specific chains

For those interested, we'll be releasing a blog post that outlines our new architecture and how we built the multichain app.

This new architecture sets us up well for the next few features we're launching, since both v2 and smart accounts (more on these below) will take advantage of the multichain functionality.

V2: As mentioned before, we wrapped up an audit on a V2 of the contracts and are currently integrating the new system into the SDK and app. We expect V2 to go live in the next week or two.

Smart accounts: We're also working on a new team-based smart account system, which will make it easy for onchain teams to manage their earnings across all chains at once. The MVP will use multisig wallets and passkeys to allow teams to operate safely cross chain without worrying about bridging funds between networks. Please reach out if you're interested in being a beta tester for this new product.

Other fixes & improvements

  • We fixed a bug where Liquid Splits on L2s weren't showing the proper OpenSea link.
  • We've already shipped fixes for a number of bugs related to the multichain app - thanks everyone for their help in finding them.
  • We added a confirmation dialog when deleting your account, to prevent accidentally erasing all your info.
  • We shipped a handful of optimizations to the distributor bot.
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