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Feb 29, 2024

Splits V2 security audit

We just finished a security audit on the Splits V2 smart contracts. V2 is an entirely new system (V1 will continue to operate as it does today) that is primarily focused on improving developer experience. Some of the changes include:

  • Separating the splitting logic from the token warehouse, allowing third-party devs to deposit directly into the warehouse and more easily iterate on different types of payment flows.
  • Using CREATE2 for all contracts (including mutable Splits), allowing contracts to be counterfactually deployed at the same address on multiple networks.
  • Making the warehouse ERC-6909 compatible, allowing tokens stored in the warehouse will be visible in wallets and other third-party products and offer different modules that rely on approval/operator flows.

We'll be writing more about the full list of improvements, so stay tuned.

Other fixes & improvements

  • We added a warning if creating an ownerless Swapper, since doing so could result in loss of funds if the oracle is unable to determine a clearing price.
  • We fixed a UI bug causing double counting in our app after distributing a Split on certain networks.

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