Thursday April 11, 2024
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Updated Help Center

We're working on a system for teams to better manage their shared wallets using smart accounts, multisigs, and passkeys. In preparation for this new product line launching soon, we spent some time last week reworking our Help Center to position us better for this new set of features.

Browse articles by category

We made a number of improvements, the biggest being the ability to browse articles by category. We've also reworked most of the articles for more coverage, and will be adding more in the coming days.

Other fixes & improvements

  • We fixed a ton of bugs related to the new multichain app - thank you to everyone who reported bugs.
  • We improved app performance and decreased page load times on the Dashboard and Explore pages.
  • We added multichain search.
  • We simplified the new Waterfall form.
  • We fixed some display bugs on Statements.
  • We discovered a number of bugs with our data provider that was causing errors in our app - thanks to the Goldsky team for the quick fixes here.
  • We shipped optimizations on the distributor bot.
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