The latest updates and improvements to Splits
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Mar 15, 2024

Blast support

We deployed the contracts to Blast, making them accessible via Zora and other integrations. We haven't yet added Blast support to the app, but plan to do that soon.

API Keys

We added proper API keys for developers integrating Splits into their own apps. The API lets you do things like add names and tags to Splits created through your app.

To create a new API key, just go to your account setting page and generate a new key in the "API Keys" section.

Add API keys from your account settings page

Our API is still in beta so we're onboarding developers manually. Please reach out if you'd like to use it and we'll follow up.

Other fixes & improvements

  • We added support for additional networks to Splits Kit.
  • We fixed a bug where preview images (when shared on Warpcast, Discord, Twitter, etc) were showing "account not found".
  • We made a bunch of SDK updates and improvements.

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