Our values

Updated a month ago

Our mission is to accelerate the world's transition to an open financial system. These are our values:

Do one thing and do it well.

Empowering creative teams with simple, clear, and modular tools is the best way to create enduring value in the ecosystem.

Trust is hard to build and easy to lose.

Security of the system is the highest order bit, and the system is only as secure as the foundation upon which it is built.

Growing the pie matters more than growing the slice.

Composability within the ecosystem is the lifeblood of growth since it's experimentation at the edges where the most compelling discoveries happen.

Tools must be credibly neutral.

This means they're rule-based, verifiable with open source code, easy to understand, simple, and hard—if not impossible—to change.

There are no solutions, only tradeoffs.

Considerations are context-specific and because something works in one situation does not mean it works in all.

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