Audit reports

Updated a month ago

The contracts in the Splits ecosystem have been audited by several different groups over the past few years.

  • February 2022: Splits (comprising SplitMain and SplitWallet) was audited by Macro. You can read their full audit report here.
  • April 2023: Swapper, Oracle, Diversifier, and Pass-Through-Wallet went through a Sherlock security audit with obront.eth as the Lead Watson. You can read that report here.
  • February 2024: Splits v2 went through a security audit led by obront.eth. This audit covered v2 of the core Split contracts (SplitWalletV2 and SplitFactoryV2), as well as a v2 of the core token repository (SplitsWarehouse). You can read that report here.

You can read more about our approach to security in the article, Protocol Security.

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