Wednesday August 02, 2023
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Zora Network

Splits is now live on Zora Network! Just select Zora in the network selector and approve the network change in your wallet. (If this is your first time using Zora Network, you will need to approve your wallet adding Zora to your list of supported networks.)

Select Zora from the network selector

We've received a bunch of requests from creators to support Zora Network, and are excited to support the growing landscape of L2s. As a reminder, all networks Splits is deployed on can be found here.

One thing to note: Splits are chain-specific, meaning that a Split created on Zora can only be used on Zora. Said differently, if an NFT collection exists on Chain A, you must also deploy a Split on Chain A—you cannot (currently) use a Split on Chain A that was created on Chain B.

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