Thursday May 09, 2024
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Splits v2

We launched Splits v2 earlier this week. This is an entirely new set of smart contracts that incorporate over 2 years of feedback and learnings.

v2 was audited by Zach Obront and is already being used in our own app and a few early partners. Check out the launch post for more information on what changed from v1.

Smart Accounts

We continue to make progress and publish videos on our new smart accounts product. This product makes it easy for teams to manage all their wallets across dozens of chains at once. We've been using it ourselves and it's already sped up our internal operations 10x over our previous tools (a mix of Safes + EOAs).

Some of the things we've shipped in the past 2 weeks include:

  • Using WalletConnect to connect your smart accounts to other apps
  • Viewing and transferring NFTs owned by your smart accounts
  • Creating new operating wallets (1-of-n multisigs) that use passkeys as signers

We recommend following along on Warpcast since we post regular updates there. Using this product has made us realize how much today's tools have compromised usability in favor of self-custody, and we're fired up to be closing this gap.


We are expanding the team! You can read more about the company and what roles we're looking for here. Please keep us in mind if you or anyone you know of would make a good fit.

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