Thursday April 25, 2024
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Smart accounts demo

Last week we released a walkthrough video of our new smart accounts feature. This feature is a way for teams to set up crosschain multisig wallets that use passkeys as signers. You can check it out below and on Warpcast.


We're working with a handful of design partners to get the product dialed in before a wider release. If you're managing an onchain team and want to beta test the product, please reach out on Warpcast.

Updated Split page

We released a major design update to the Split detail page. The page now uses a diagram to better illustrate the make up of the Split itself.

Updated landing page

We also launched a new version of our landing page at This new visual identity better aligns our brand with our vision and where the product is headed.

Other fixes & improvements

  • Fixed bug related to Swapper and Diversifier owner flows on Optimism and Base.
  • We upgraded the SDK to better handle Sepolia testnet.
  • We made a number of small UI changes to the new Waterfall creation flow.
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