The latest updates and improvements to Splits
Feb 02, 2024
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New networks

Last week we deployed the Swapper and Diversifier contracts to Arbitrum. We also added Sepolia testnet support for all our contracts on Optimism, Base, and Zora. And we added Holesky support in the app.

The contracts are all verified on these networks, and you can use them in the app as well. You can see the networks on which each contract is deployed (including the testnets) in our docs.


While most of our effort went towards two bigger projects we'll be releasing soon (multichain app and a V2 of the contracts), last week we also:

  • Fixed a UI bug with Waterfall not displaying distributions accurately
  • Fixed a UI bug on the Vesting contract earning section
  • Fixed a CSS import bug on SplitsKit
  • Improved the distributor bot's logic