Monday November 27, 2023
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Polishing week

The past two weeks' releases were focused on small product improvements and bug fixes, including:

  • Email alerts are now only sent if any of your watched wallets have recent activity (e.g., earnings, withdrawals, etc.).
  • Made it easier to identify when you're part of a Split by always showing your watched wallets at the top of the recipients list.
  • Improved tooltip messages on disabled buttons, making it clearer why you can't perform specific actions.
  • Improved clarity of the network selector by adding testnet versions for each chain.
  • Fixed a search bug in our Help Center.
  • Fixed a wallet bug causing Metamask to auto-open on page load.
  • Fixed a display bug causing the explore page would show contracts from other chains.

Next week we'll be shipping a new feature that makes generating custom earning statements easy. We'll also be increasing Swapper coverage by launching a Chainlink oracle and deploying the contracts to L2s.

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