Wednesday August 30, 2023
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Earnings by contract

The Earned column shows your wallet(s) earning for the specific contract/Split

We've heard how important it is to be able to see how much a given person/wallet has earned from a specific Split. Maybe it's understanding how much a musician earned from a single song, or perhaps a business running on Splits wants to see how much revenue they've generated from a specific client—there are lots of times when seeing earnings by contract for a given wallet is useful.

The "Earned" column now shows this right on your dashboard page.

Network selector shows all networks

Splits has been deployed on a bunch of chains, but those chains weren't all discoverable in the app. Now they are.

Just click on the network icon in the top right, and you can see all the networks on which you can use Splits.

Select from a list of networks, or view the testnets

You can also hit the "view testnets" toggle to view only the test networks Splits is deployed on.

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