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Swapper is now live on Optimism, Base, and Polygon

Jan 16, 2024
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  • You can now create Swappers on Optimism, Base, Polygon, and Ethereum
  • Give it a try at

Starting today, you can create Swappers on Optimism, Base, and Polygon directly through our app. When we announced Swapper in June, it was available only on Ethereum. As more transactions move to L2s, we're ensuring that all Splits infrastructure is accessible there as well.

Swapper is a payable smart contract that swaps ETH & ERC20 tokens into a predefined output token before sending those tokens to its beneficiary. As the beneficiary, this gives you control over the tokens you receive, no matter what is sent to you.

Swapper receives ETH and ERC20s, swaps into the output token, and sends to the beneficiary.

Since its launch, Swapper has been used by forward-thinking teams such as Airswap, Transient Labs, and Props to automatically convert volatile currencies into ETH or stablecoins like USDC. This automation saves them the trouble of manually swapping into stablecoins after receiving funds. It lets these teams set it and forget it.

As with all Splits contracts, Swapper is entirely free to use since there are no fees whatsoever. Just BYO-gas.

We're also observing an increase in DAOs, which have their own ERC20 tokens, using Swapper to convert a portion of their income (typically in ETH) into their native tokens. Applying continuous buy pressure is an innovative strategy to increase the value of their network, and we're excited to see more teams explore this on L2s.

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