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Launch Partners

Feb 01, 2022
Picture of Abram Dawson
Abram Dawson

We’re just a few weeks away from launching 0xSplits, the protocol for splitting onchain income, and we’d love to hear from anyone planning to integrate splitter contracts into their product. Please reply to this email or join our Discord & let us know – we can help answer any questions and would like to feature you in the launch.

A quick status update on the protocol itself:

  • The contracts are currently being audited and we’re on track to launch on Ethereum mid February (with deployments on other EVM-compatible chains following shorty thereafter)
  • You can test the app on Roptsen at app.0xsplits.xyz (you can get Ropsten ETH here if you need it)
  • You can learn how the protocol works at docs.0xsplits.xyz. It’s geared towards both the technical & non-technical alike.
  • The protocol itself is a hyperstructure, it’s designed to run for “free and forever, without maintenance, interruption or intermediaries” (Jacob’s essay on hyperstructures is great for those who haven’t seen it!)

That’s all for now, so please join us on Discord to learn more, ask questions, and share feedback with the community. Thanks for being an early supporter!

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